Laboring On the Monitors

In most hospitals, continuous external fetal monitoring (cEFM) is part of the protocol for women having a VBAC. It can also be necessary for reasons such as induction or other medical concerns. One common misconception about cEFM is that you have to stay in bed in order to be monitored. This might be something the nurses tell you, or just something you think and the nurses don’t bother to correct you on. Either way, mobility and gravity are your best friends in labor. Though the monitors do limit you to a small radius where the cords will reach, there are many positions that can still be used for your comfort and to help labor progress. (Also, don’t forget frequent bathroom breaks!)

The amazing mothers of ICAN of Atlanta have submitted the following pictures of laboring on the monitors  in different positions. While cEFM can certainly present challenges, it doesn’t have to prevent you from having the birth of your dreams 🙂

We hope these pictures inspire you.  Happy laboring!

New pictures are always welcome at



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